Biopulsar Therapeutic Applications  [TOP]

If you are a holistic practitioner how are you accessing the "whole" of your patients?

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® allows any holistic practitioner to instantly see the body’s physical health and access the hidden and forgotten emotional and mental attributes–making the connection of the body, mind and spirit. By gaining this type of feedback of the colour traits and correlating these energies to the whole of the person, the trained Biopulsar analyst can support any therapy. For example:

Health Care Practitioners
The system is highly beneficial for medical doctors and a wide variety of alternative practitioners. The reliability of the vitality reading of an organ’s health is comparable to many other more expensive medical diagnostic tools. The advantage of the Biopulsar is its cost as well as its ability to integrate a conventional examination with a holistic diagnosis and approach. In fact, no other technology is as accurate or so deeply accesses the "colour" psyche of an organ and its health, as the Biopulsar.

The Biopulsar will also help you attract more clients by adding to your professional services and further expanding your practice into the area of integrated medicine based on a scientific foundation. More and more people are seeking unconventional medical approaches as preventative or curative medicine. The Biopulsar system is a bridge that unifies both sciences.

The system can be used to make before and after images, and to demonstrate and document the effectiveness of your therapies. The brain imaging and biofeedback capabilities, combined with your medical knowledge, will give you a wealth of useful information about the mechanics of a complex illness, as well as colour intelligence factors of a condition. Furthermore, the Biopulsar complements a variety of different disciplines such as Conventional or Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Chiropractic Care, Homeopathy, Nutritional, Hypnotherapy, Neural-Therapy, Dentistry, Reflex Zone Therapy, Kinesiology, etc.

Biofeedback Practitioners
The Biopulsar can accurately analyze energy shifts, revealing real-time changes in a person’s psychology and health. The Biopulsar’s handplate sensors can show you the subject’s brain and body states during relaxation, concentration and to "other" thoughts, thereby revealing the reaction in the moment–the inner workings of the brain and the connection of the body and mind. Incredible integrated biofeedback combined with an unbiased viewpoint!


Research & Development
The Biopulsar’s capabilities allow a practitioner to study responses in both an organ’s vitality and visually through the colour language, to better understand energetic responses. It helps the client gain a better understanding of her/himself on a mental, emotional and physical level, how they interact with their environment and in various situations. The Biopulsar has been proven to help people understand their innate "colour intelligence" and is useful in human resources.

The Biopulsar can accurately define how a person is using their life force on several levels including through their energy (chakra) centres. The Biopulsar system can even be used to validate products and healing modalities.

Ayurvedic Medicine
In Ayurvedic medicine, at the level of the individual mind there are three types of activity, which correspond to active "Pitta" energy, passive "Kapha" energy and unifying "Vata" energy.  These three energies types are modified by three processes: spiritual, mental and physical and can be seen quite easily on the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® graph analysis. The Biopulsar helps the Ayurvedic practitioner to instantly see the vata, pitta or kapha pulse in 50 organs or body parts. As well the practitioner can easily analyze the meridian chi flow in individual organ graphs. For Example:

Vatas usually have a high energy output and therefore the pulse is thin and fast. If there are strong energy fluctuations and high amplitudes, then the energy position of the organ is very unstable. The strength cannot be kept due to stress. To try to get the energy back the strength is taken from other organs, this in turn then reduces the over general life strength. A strong Vata type would be seen on the Biopulsar with the majority of the organ graphs showing instability.

Is a complete medical system that is used to diagnose and treat illness, manage chronic disorders, alleviate pain, and promote health through prevention and maintenance. Acupuncture treatments can be used for physical, emotional and psychological problems.

The Biopulsar capabilities are such that an acupuncturist can instantaneously see the health and energy of 50 organs and glands. The vitality and pattern of an organ’s energy reflects its chi energy and each reflex zone can be examined for its connection to the various meridian systems.

As well the Biopulsar allows for the practitioner to see if there are other areas of weakness or stress that they may not be able to feel through the pulse. Within minutes the Biopulsar accurately measures the energetic pulse from 50 reflex zones, thereby reducing the time in having to analyze the various meridian systems. By foreseeing the areas of weakness the holistic practitioner can advise the client on preventative measures. Also as each colour represents a quality trait, the practitioner can view which colour energies may be missing in the patient’s energy field and the areas of emotional, mental or physical imbalances. As well using the language of colour one can determine whether the energy is yin or yang. The system works with the "chi" (vital energy) that circulates through the 12 meridian systems via the reflex zones that relate to all internal organs.

The biofeedback graphs correspond to the pulse wave of an organ, which are produced by the predominant life energy (chi). In the swinging and amplitude of the biofeedback graph the activity of the elements are revealed.

Is a health care system that deals with the relationship between the spinal column and the nervous system. The treatment is to relieve obstructions in the flow of nerve impulses from the brain through the spinal nerves and out to every part of the body.

As each vertebra is connected to an organ, the Biopulsar allows the Chiropractor an overview of the energy flow through the spinal column via the organ connection. Over time a Chiropractor can document where the organ imbalances are reoccurring and prescribe additional support treatments or exercises.

The Biopulsar will give the practitioner deeper insight into the client’s patterns of stress including thought patterns

Is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes such as treating functional disorders, rehabilitation, relief of guilt, despair and other negative or emotional programs.

The Biopulsar displays through its colours the negative programs, which are expressed in the mind and body. Together the practitioner and patient can review response patterns to "stuck" programs through the Biopulsar’s instant biofeedback capabilities. This feature allows the patient to visually see (in real-time) their reaction to certain events–the internal programming–within their body and mind dynamics thereby getting to the source of the conflict instantly!

Naturopathic Medicine
Is a complete health care system that utilizes a wide variety of natural healing therapies to treat the whole person. Naturopathic physicians prefer non-invasive treatments and are trained to find the underlying cause, often in aspects of lifestyle, diet or habits of the individual.

Using the Biopulsar, the Naturopath will be able to see the health of the body together with the state of the patient’s current mental and emotional state and possible previous thoughts and issues.

Also, as in kinesiology, the Biopulsar can be used to review the client’s organ response to natural medicines and modalities. The client either consumes or applies the treatment and the practitioner views the biofeedback graphs to note whether the response to the body is positive or depletes or causes stress in any of body organs.

Is a method of studying and understanding the human personality in terms of the body and its energetic process. In bioenergetic theory, it is believed that the body and the mind function together and are functionally identical (meaning what happens in the mind reflects what is happening in the body and vice versa).

The Biopulsar allows the practitioner to document and visually see in real-time the changes of body and mind in both organ and colour levels. Colour patterns can be recorded with specific thoughts. For example, as a client thinks a thought the practitioner can study if the exact same colour shows up elsewhere in the body and in this way documents the mind/body connection to help release any blockages.

Is a process that integrates spiritual psychology with body/mind therapy to release negative cellular memory. It works on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) to help release emotional and physical dysfunctions.

The Biopulsar helps the practitioner to instantly document negative thoughts/responses while the clients keeps their hand on the handplate. In the colour language each colour is connected to different emotional, mental, physical or spiritual issues thereby supporting the Neural Therapists treatments.

Reflexology/Zone Therapy
Utilizes the principle that there are reflex zones on the palms of the hands that represent or correspond to every major organ, gland and area of the body. Forms of reflexology are illustrated in Chinese, Japanese and Indian cultures dating back over 2,300 years ago. Reflexology is a form of diagnosing the subtle energy flows in relation to body parts.

It is well known by modern medicine that the internal organs are represented on the surface of the body by areas of skin that share the same nerve supplies as these organs. The Biopulsar reads 50 reflex zones allowing the practitioner to tap into the consciousness of the organ vitality.

The Biopulsar has been proven useful to validate one’s intuition and to help increase one’s intuitiveness of bioenergetics and body analysis. You can use the Biopulsar’s colour and brain graphs to explore brain power, psychic abilities and other phenomena.

The Mind/Body Connection [TOP]

The body is composed of organs and glands, each with their own specific function. The science of body language tells us what may be preventing the energy flow in these areas. When the energy flow is blocked at a point, the information indicates an area of stress and in some cases pain or disease. When our thoughts and emotions are being processed correctly our body functions at its full vitality. As a Biopulsar-Reflexograph counsellor you will be able to see the areas in the body that are underactive and overactive. By discussing with the client how they are using their energy, it enables the client to reprogram thoughts and possible negative emotions into a more positive thought energy or reconstructed energy flow. There are several factors that can program disharmony in the mind and body’s energetic flow: hereditary issues, physical disabilities, negative thoughts, poor nutrition, environment situations, etc. If the client can recognize the various influences that may be hindering their full energy potential, then they can be taught (through using the Biopulsar as a biofeedback tool) how to expand their abilities.

It is well-known that our body organs not only have their physical function but also function on a mental and emotional level. For example, the throat has the task of communicating on a verbal level. It has the ability to verbalize our thoughts, feelings and spiritual beliefs; however, in many situations we do not allow it to do that. We hold back our ideas, emotions and beliefs perhaps because we are afraid to show other people our inner being and in doing so we hold back the flow of our energy. On a physical level this causes a disharmony in the throat "chakra" centre, which may in turn give us throat problems, soreness in the neck and jaw, etc. The Biopulsar validates this by showing and imbalance in the throat chakra and its related organs and by a congestion of colour energies.

As a Biopulsar Analyst the more organ graphs that you study together with its colour interpretation the more confident you will become in reading the mind/body connection. You will begin to see similarities and patterns in pictures and readily understand them so that you will be able to offer your patient the best treatment. We all have the ability to feel sadness, contentment, worry, etc. You will be able to recognize specific thoughts and emotions by the attributes of the colours shown in the picture. We are all unique beings with access to the same energies–the seven colour intelligence levels and their attributes.

The Biopulsar is an experiential device that displays the interaction of the body and mind. Using the Biopulsar’s detailed features gives you the feedback necessary to help prevent mental or physical illnesses and to become an expert in the science of the electromagnetic energy field, bioenergetics and most importantly organ vitality. It is very exciting to know that we have the ability to help improve and make changes in our life thereby positively influencing others and contributing to a healthier and more conscious society.


Often negative thoughts show up in an organ(s) as a low energy and on the Biopulsar this will be displayed at the bottom of the graph.

Or the negative thought causes stress on an organ(s), which will be shown in the Biopulsar’s correlating organ graph as an strong fluctuating line showing that the organ is unable to maintain a healthy level or harmonic balanced level.

When an individual’s thought patterns are at a healthy and normal level, the Biopulsar will show the vitality of the thoughts at a normal level.

Reflex Zone Analysis  [TOP]

This feature on the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® allows the system user to analyze each organ and gland independently and gives greater insight into the state of that specific body part. The analysis is displayed in two ways: by a number value and by a colour quality.

Indirect meridian measurements taken simultaneously through over 50 reflex zones gives accurate and detailed information about the state of health of the body. Basically, the Biopulsar is measuring the pulse of a reflex zone to diagnose the vitality (the health) of the correlating organ. It is recognized that the body’s life forces–Chi–circulate via the meridians and their reflex zones. Disturbances of these circulating life forces can be used to interpret disharmony and disease.

Note: The values of the hand reflex zones mirror themselves also in other reflex zone systems such as the iris, ear, feet, teeth diagnosis, etc. The Biopulsar choose to use the hand for ease and client comfort.

Meaning of the Body’s (Organ) “Colour Energy” [TOP]

The body vital colours show how the consciousness together with the organ vitality have consequences. Attention has to be paid to what extent the organ pulses deviate from the harmony line (the optimal energy level), the green-turquoise band or the 6 point value. The stronger the deviation from the optimal level of the graph, the stronger the tension and the more pain exists.

Organ colours that are red and grey have a low frequency and generally stand for weak points indicating aggression, inflammation, exhaustion, sickness or depression. If these colours are predominant in the picture then the life energy is reduced in those areas, the energy is weak and susceptible to low frequency vibrations. Viruses, sickness information and negative thoughts, etc. can then enter the person’s energy field and manifest themselves in time.

In the diagnosis one looks at the following factors in the Biopulsar biofeedback:

Energy distribution, energy shortage/lack of energy, energy congestion, pulse dynamics, and the proportion of the vitality of the organs to one another.

The biofeedback graphs show the energy position of an organ. Values below 50 show that there is an energy weakening. Organs whose values are less than the 40, show a tendency of inflammation; whereas, in the value below 25 there is an energy dysfunction or emptiness. Energy congestion shows in the values between 80-100. Instantly in the graph and colour dynamics one can see the constitution of the person or of an organ, and the elementary dominance.

Graph & Colour Picture Analysis  [TOP]

Average energy flow is indicated when the red line is at or near the middle of the graph; and it is also indicated in the picture and reflex zone analysis by the green colour and the number value of 5. Optimum, or a reserve of energy, is reflected by the graph showing slightly above the mid-range and also in the colour turquoise in the picture. The more stress or overactivity in an organ, the higher the energy registers in the graph or is displayed in the picture or reflex zone by indigo, violet, magenta or white (values ranging from 7.5 to 10). However, brain parametres are an exception and can be expressed in high vitality (generally indicating high consciousness). Insufficient energy or underactivity in an organ is illustrated when the line is below the middle of the graph and is represented in the picture or reflex zone analysis by yellow, orange, red or grey (0 to 4). Grey shows little or no energy and is displayed by line at the bottom of the graph (indicating pain or stagnant physical vitality/chi).

General Energy Analysis [TOP]

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® creates a colour picture of a person’s energy field and each colour in an "aura" picture represents different qualities. Colours that are close to each other in the colour spectrum like red and orange or indigo and violet show similar qualities. For example, the interpretation of the colour indigo and violet are very similar whereas the explanation of red and green shows different qualities and attributes.

Some people have energy fields that have weak energetic areas or holes. People who use drugs, nicotine or chemical substances, or take in negative thoughts or energies, weaken their natural protective field. Valuable life energies are lost when negative energy penetrates one’s field. An aura with weak or dark/dirty colours show that the different personality traits are not satisfactorily integrated or that they may be on the negative side. The person may feel an imbalance or have mental, emotional, physical or spiritual problems. As an educated Biopulsar analyst you can recognize the difference between healthy and unhealthy colours.

Analyzing a Biopulsar Picture  [TOP]

The clarity and vibrancy of a colour that is shown on a Biopulsar-Reflexograph® picture indicates the general health of that colour. Every colour hue has its own attributes. For example, a vibrant red generally means passion but a dark red could be interpreted as unresolved anger or aggression. On a physical level if the colour red exists in an organ (regardless of its hue) it reflects low energy. In the colour language this could be resultant of the organ’s psyche using too much red thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The graph analysis shows the energy of an organ, whereas the colour shows how that vitality is being used. This is what makes the Biopulsar system unique. Most biofeedback systems utilize the information of the energy flow or resistance aspect. The Biopulsar can also be used in this type of biofeedback analysis but more importantly (and no other system on the market does this!) the Biopulsar translates each reflex zone reading into its own correlating colour vibration. This information is invaluable because the practitioner along with the patient can get a greater understanding of not just the health level but also the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual aspects of their "whole" being via the colour language. In this way a very accurate assessment of the "whole" can be made based on the colour projections revealed by the Biopulsar. Using the Biopulsar helps in understanding the human’s complex system including hidden or repressed thoughts and emotions. The Biopulsar assists in bringing issues to light that a person may have forgotten. Utilizing the information from the organ’s colour traits gives in-depth knowledge from many levels.

As we have begun documenting this powerful research many things have come to light. For example, we have started to notice a similarity in the colours of specific symptoms. Most often colours that are in a negative state show as colours that are dull, murky, muddy, blackish or grayish tone and the graph analysis will be extremely low or extremely high energy together with this toxic look.

Mental depressions are usually illustrated as an energy imbalance in the head organs and also in toxic looking colours. Depending on the type of depression, this will be reflected by the negative energy showing in different brain parameters. More serious symptoms will show up in the organs or glands affected, in the body in a dark grey or blackish purple energy. On the other hand, certain symptoms such as sugar imbalance will be displayed in specific organs like the pancreas, in the high energy colours.

"The Biopulsar-Reflexograph is a biofeedback research tool that can be used to understand the mind and body connection on a holistic level by any qualified practitioner" – NEW MEDICINE TECHNOLOGY!

Biopulsar Picture & Organ Correlation [TOP]

Each organ resonates and emits a vibrational pulse (electromagnetic waves), which we know is part of our energy field. The Biopulsar-Reflexograph’s advanced software program translates the energy read from each reflex zone into the colour language of our body allowing us to see our full body biofield. Several hundred colours are programmed revealing a concise vitality reading (no other colour biofeedback system offers this range).

The biofeedback data received from each organ is shown on the screen and enables you to check the clarity of the colour and description of each reflex zone measured through the Biopulsar sensor. The colour gives greater insight into the energetic status of that specific body part. The text box can be customized with your data. Below is an aura picture showing the correlation to the body parts. Each picture reads each organ exactly in the same position allowing the practitioner easy viewing of the complete energy values and the connection to the various organs.

Aura Interpretation [TOP]

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® shows the vitality of each organ in a numerical value from 1-10. The text box can be customized with your data or additional practitioner assistant programs are available for concise analysis and treatment data. Customized text allows for the input of various healing modalities that are based on the practitioners (personalized) method of treatment. Below an example illustrates a Biopulsar Aura Interpretation as well as an example of customized information that can be entered as part of a practitioners recommendations.

Note: Additional software programs are now available – Ask about our various software modules.

Aura Interpretation
  • Cerebellum: Description No. 2
  • This is description No. 2 for Cerebellum.
  • Cerebrum, Mesencephalon: Description No. 9
  • This is description No. 9 for Cerebrum, Mesencephalon
  • Forehead Brain: Description No. 6
  • This is description No. 6 for Forehead Brain.
  • Temporal Brain: Description No. 7
  • This is description No. 7 for Temporal Brain.
  • Back Brain: Description No. 4
  • This is description No. 4 for Back Brain.

Example of Customized Text

Cerebellum: Description No. 2
The cerebellum is the small brain behind the brainstem and is responsible for motor co-ordination, posture and maintaining equilibrium. Is said to connect to all thought patterns from the past.

When the cerebellum is in the number 2 position, a red/grey colour, this means that there is a lack of vitality. Problems result in one’s coordination abilities and equilibrium. Possible cause may have resulted from family members making the individual feel useless and inept as a child. Low energy in this organ results in derailment of their ability to coordinate and carry out intentions and actions as an adult. Often symptoms are balance difficulties or sleep problems.

Recommended Treatment:

  • Exercises in coordination such as walking or crawling. Pilates and yoga. Meditation.
  • Supplements/Herbs/Food: Melatonin, meadowsweet, fish, blueberries, brambleberries, broccoli.
  • Other suggestions: Affirmations, meditative music, amethyst gemstones, etc.

The Science of Colour Energy [TOP]

Sunlight is our main source and provider of light, heat and energy. Not only does it sustain all life on Earth, but also it sustains the Earth itself. It provides plants with the energy for photosynthesis, which in turn sustains the lives of all animals and humans. Sunlight consists of energies in the form of the electromagnetic waves and part of this electromagnetic energy includes cosmic rays, gamma rays, x-rays, visible light rays, infrared rays, micro waves and short and long waves (radio waves). We can visually see light rays by simply holding a prism towards the sun as a prism breaks down the visible spectrum of light rays into seven different beams of colour. Light consists of the seven colour energies: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Humans also vibrate a visible spectrum of energy because the various organs in our body pulsate at different vibrations (colours). Most people cannot visually see the human energy field and its different levels of vibrations that are colour-coded. However, the body’s energies can been seen by using equipment such as the Aurastar 2000® or Biopulsar-Reflexograph®.

Each colour of the visible light rays has a different wavelength and vibrational frequency, which has different attributes and affects us differently. Red has the longest wavelength and the slowest vibrational frequency that we recognize as warm and stimulating; however, violet has the shortest wavelength and the fastest frequency, which we recognize as a cool and calming energy. We receive light and colour information through our eyes, which then stimulates the retina and its cells, rods and cones. These impulses travel through the optic nerve to the visual cortex of the brain via the pituitary, which then triggers other glands and their secretion of hormones to other parts of the body. Therefore many body functions are stimulated or retarded by light and the different colours of light. Light is colour nutrition for our body’s organs and glands and our general well-being.

Since light and its colours physically affect glands and hormones, they will also have a marked influence on our moods and feelings. Science has proven that certain colours can calm the mind while others stimulate mental activity. We also read the Biopulsar’s colour analysis the same way. The colour we see represents certain thoughts or feelings. The Biopulsar shows us if an organ’s frequency is at is correct vitality (turquoise reflecting the optimum vitality). Furthermore, we need light energy for nourishing our brain, our emotions and our physical body. Light can also enter through our skin and our breath. As well, we can receive additional colour energy through a balance of various coloured foods, herbs, vitamins, aromatherapy, sound, minerals, clothing, decor and colour bathing.

Colour Qualities [TOP]

Each colour, as everything else in life, has two sides or two polarities–a yin and a yang. These poles have, like the chakra qualities, harmonic and unharmonic aspects. As well each colour expresses either a feminine(yin) or masculine (yang) aspect.

Harmony is expressed in health, well-being, happiness in life or vitality. Disharmony is expressed in disease, feeling ill will, anger, sadness or lack of energy. The harmonic aspect is presented through bright, friendly colours. The unharmonious aspect is recognized in the picture by brownish, grayish, dark or cloudy colours. All colours can be expressed as balanced or imbalanced. Similarly, a person’s energy field can show more colours on the feminine side or more colours from the masculine side–more yin or more yang.

Any person can change their energy field colours as well a person’s energy can be influenced by outside forces. A person may have a high energy potential or suffer from lack of energy. A person can live consciously or unconsciously aware of the energy s/he has available. A colour change means that a person has connected with other colour energy qualities. However, colours that are close to each other in the colour spectrum, like red and orange, show similar qualities (orange has a combination of both red and yellow characteristics).

During our life we experience different developmental stages and encounter situations that often feel problematic. Problems are there to be handled and are opportunities to learn lessons. Any so-called problem or any difficult situation in life provides a fantastic chance for us to grow. If we understand this, then every experience in life, positive or negative, will have a meaning. Every person is presented the exact experience in life that will allow her/him to grow and further her/his development.

We use this rule in the colour energy analysis. There is no "good" or "bad" electromagnetic energy colours–only momentary energy situations (based on conscious or unconscious thoughts registering as harmonious or unharmonious energies) that we can change at will. As soon as we recognize that we can change ourselves and become the "master of our own domain"–consciously progressing in life and developing a higher consciousness.

What we believe to be possible or impossible defines our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual limitations and boundaries. It is when we remove these limitations and expand our boundaries that we increase our human potential. The Biopulsar helps us to see our potential–through understanding our energetic strengths and the areas of our energetic weaknesses–and improve our well-being. And by using the language of colour it is easy for a Biopulsar-Reflexograph® practitioner to see how a person is using their personal energy field!

What is a Chakra? [TOP]

Throughout our body we have main energy centres, which are known to connect to the major organs that govern other body parts. Each of these main energy centres are referred to as a chakra–a Sanskrit word which means wheel. The chakra is a wheel-like spinning vortex that whirls in a circular motion forming a vacuum in the centre that draws in anything it encounters on its particular vibrational level. We collect energy through the chakras from several different levels of vibrations and colours, which are utilized in various parts of the body.

Every organ, gland and body system is connected to a chakra and each chakra connects to a colour frequency. For example, the heart chakra works together with the thymus gland, the lungs and the bronchia. The heart chakra resonates to the colour green.

There are a total of seven main chakra centres that are aligned along the spinal column. If there are disturbances on any level, this shows in our chakras and generally will effect various parts of the body which are linked to its correlating chakra centre. To help achieve balance in a body part or a chakra we need to bring in the colour that resonates at the appropriate frequency (through our diet or other colour energy methods).

In the study of the anatomy of the aura it is important to understand the significance of the chakra system and the language of colours expressed in the aura. (Part of the 3-day Intensive Training.)

Crown Chakra–Violet Colour–governs the pineal gland, top of the head, cerebral cortex, central nervous system and hair.

Brow Chakra–Indigo Colour–governs the pituitary gland, cerebellum, back brain, eyes, nose, ears and nervous system.

Throat Chakra–Blue Colour–governs the thyroid, neck and mouth region, parathyroid, hypothalamus, throat and jaw.

Heart Chakra–Green Colour–governs the heart, thymus gland, lungs, bronchia, lymphs, secondary circulatory system, immune system, arms and hands.

Solar Plexus Chakra–Yellow Colour–governs the stomach area and upper digestive system, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, intestines, sympathetic nervous system and blood sugar.

Spleen Chakra–Orange Colour–governs the spleen, lower digestive system, ovaries, testes, uterus, kidneys and urinary organs.

Root Chakra–Red Colour–governs the reproductive system, vagina, prostate, adrenal glands, spinal column, tailbone, teeth, bones, bladder, legs and feet.

Chakra Analysis [TOP]

The chakra percentage is the collective activity of all the organs and glands that are governed by or connected to that energy centre. For example, the root chakra is connected to the adrenal glands, reproductive organs, spine, hips, bladder, legs, knees and feet. The total chakra activity levels range in a value from 0-100. The lower side of average is shown at the 50% range. Optimum energy ranges in value from 60-65%. A total value less than 45% indicates a lack of energy in that chakra area whereas a value over 70% indicates overactivity.

Since the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® analyzes 50 reflex zones, an accurate chakra value can be formulated (no other system on the market can match the Biopulsar’s chakra analysis precision).

Sample Chakra Analysis
  • Crown Chakra 65% (Optimum Energy)
  • Brow Chakra 57% (Average Energy)
  • Throat Chakra 56% (Average Energy)
  • Heart Chakra 61% (Optimum Energy)
  • Solar Plexus Chakra 69% (Slight Overactive Energy)
  • Spleen Chakra 55% (Average Energy)
  • Root Chakra 33% (Deficient Energy. Indicates several organs related to this chakra centre are in physical distress or otherwise.)

What is an Aura? [TOP]

Part of our electromagnetic energy field–aura–is a projection of the vibratory rates emitted or received by our body. The aura is also part of our personality. It displays thoughts and emotions on a conscious and unconscious level, showing the energies of not only our physical condition but also our psychological condition.

Every thought is a wavelength of energy that vibrates through the neurotransmitters in our body either programming its memory cells or activating a previous program. For example, you may have experienced a situation that made you hold your breath in anxiety and every time you relive an incident that is similar to this initial program, your body cells react automatically and you unconsciously hold your breath. Imagine the effect on specific body parts after several years of experiencing similar feelings of anxiousness and how the energy in that body area may eventually cease operate at its normal levels.

If we have been unconsciously stagnating the energy in specific body parts (due to our lack of understanding of our body dynamics), the energy our body emits may not resonate at its full potential or frequency level and will be seen or measured at a lesser vibratory rate. This connection of the mind and body can be seen displayed by the colour traits in our energy field as well you will see the vitality of the organs in the graphs.

When there is an emotional, mental or physical problem there is an imbalance in our body. We need to rearrange the atoms and electrons that are out of order in the cells of our body. By working with the life force we can bring about whatever changes we wish and in turn produce balanced chakra/aura energy and healthy organs.

The colours in the colour spectrum explain the different qualities and attributes of a person. Each colour has its own language and reflects our different states of consciousness through our various colour intelligence levels. It can be easy to learn and understand your clients through the colours they use and this insight can instantly cause a reaction on multiple levels of their being including the release of blockages or allowing previously restricted energy to flow more freely.

For example, in the picture to the right you can see mainly the yellow colour above the head area. This indicates that the patient is predominately a strong analytical thinker as yellow reflects the masculine, yang and left brain energy. However, in this person’s case they also have the grey colour in their brain wave frequencies–in their thoughts–which is connected to negativity and a low vitality level in that body part (the back brain). In this case the person struggled with depression resultant from low brain energy.

Some Experiences Using Biopulsar Technology [TOP]

Most symptoms seen on the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® have been represented by extreme organ deficiencies or excesses as well by the clarity of the colour. The darker and dirtier the colour the more likely there is an illness or a negative situation present in that body part. Many disorders can be easily seen on the Biopulsar because the energy value is seen in the colours of deep dark/dirty red, deep dark/dirty indigo or as grey colours. As the Biopulsar is in the initial stages of research, the findings listed below are in no way intended to diagnose an illness or serious condition, unless the information derived from the Biopulsar has been validated by a qualified medical practitioner.

Brain frequencies showing low energy between 0-30. Illustrated by red or grey colours.

  • Problems in the brain’s circulation.
  • Memory and concentration problems.
  • Tires easily. Exhaustion.
  • Depression & negative thinking.

Tension in the brain frequencies shown by some graphs running high and others low

  • Conflicted thinking. Changing mind often.
  • Unclear thinking and problems in terminating things or completing thoughts and tasks.

Part of the back brain runs low and part of back brain runs high

  • Tension resulting in headaches, migraines and depression.
  • Muscular tension in the neck and back brain from traumatic accidents.
  • Possible whiplash, tumors, etc.

High brain generally

  • Good brain circulation. Good memory and concentration abilities.
  • Happiness. Clear and positive thoughts. Good intuition and connection to thoughts.

High brain functions but low feet energy

  • Disconnectedness from reality. Disassociations.
  • Thinking very high but no capacity to transfer it into daily living.
  • Not enough physical activity (exercise).
  • Problems with leg energies, varicose veins, edema, etc.

Low ear & eye energy

  • Ether pollution resulting in loss of energies in forehead area. (Cellular phones, negative, television shows, electrical appliances, etc.)
  • Low ear energies indicate problems in nervous system and brain and psychological diseases.

Examples of Dysfunctions Seen on the Biopulsar  [TOP]


Biopulsar Possible Physical Dysfunction 

  • Equilibrium imbalance. Motor co-ordination problems.
  • Disorientation in thought. Confusion and indecision.
  • Headaches, migraines, stiffness in back of head, extra tension.
  • Poor posture causing unnecessary stress and tension on the cerebellum.
  • Sensory impulse or muscle movement dysfunctions.
  • Inability to process thoughts and handle perceptual integration.
  • Confusion to conceptualize, comprehend interpret or rationalize.
  • ADD symptoms or learning problems. Dyslexia.
Pineal Gland
  • When there are imbalances in the pineal gland it generally indicates a sleeping disorder. If overactivity it usually means that there is an over abundance of melatonin produced resulting in excess sleep. This also may indicate that the person is living in a dream state. Inability to feel connected to the present moment. Whereas, deficiency of energy in this gland suggests lack of sleep or interrupted sleep patterns.
Heart Area Low
  • Heart disorders and breathing problems. Lack of blood received from the veins into the arteries. Disfunction of the circulatory system.
  • When thymus and lungs also are low bronchitis or other infections are in the body (flu or virus). Possible smoking related problems.
  • Depression or extreme sadness reduces heart/lung energies. Possible loss of partnership or beloved one. Partnership problems – taking things to heart.
  • If the energy is low it will be seen as a dark red in the aura picture's heart area and this would indicate shallow breathing and muscular exhaustion as well as lack of oxygen (life force) to the heart organ.
Heart Area High
  • When chronically high there is danger of hypertension and high blood pressure. Check kidney, bladder and thyroid as they can also cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure can be activated psychologically due to problems in partnership, work and parental pressure. Overworked.
  • If the heart graph illustrates an over-activity of energy it will be seen as a dark purple in the heart organ. Illnesses showing in this format indicate hypertension in the heart from excess excitement, fear or stress, which may eventually lead to a heart attack

Low Energy in the Arms & Upper Arms

  • Heart and lung meridians are connected to the arm meridians. Often when the heart/lung energies are blocked the arm energy is low. The activity is blocked due to lack of life force held back due to trust issues and symptoms would be tense upper arm muscles or circulatory problems (cold hands).
Pancreas High
  • Indicates blood sugar imbalance in the body. If kidney, heart, eye, armpit and adrenals are also registering high energy it means possibly blood sugar disorder such as diabetes, insulin resistant, hypoglycemia, etc.
Liver Low
  • Could be after food eaten. Seen if someone is fasting.
  • Food is not properly digested and toxins remain in the body polluting the system. Check for history of hepatitis.
  • Psychologically anger reduces the chi-energy. Suppressed anger.
Stomach Low
  • Low acid. Insufficient digestive enzymes and insulin.
  • Food remaining too long in stomach and is not being digested properly (Psychological "food" cannot be digested). Lack of water.
  • Eating disorders (anorexia, etc.).
Stomach High
  • High acid. Usually due to bad food habits, too much sugar, alcohol, etc. (Usually due to anger and negative thinking and feelings.)
Hips Low
  • Pain in lumbar region. Often hips are not balanced. (The hips are necessary for moving the legs to go forward in life.)
  • When one part of the leg has high energy and the other part low, it usually puts stress on the knees or the ankles (tensions or pain).
  • Tired legs, edema, vein problems.
Feet Low
  • When feet show low energy, especially dirty red, there are circulation problems such as cold feet (check kidney).
Bladder Low
  • The bladder infections will be illustrated by the graph showing in the low range.
Bone Cancer
  • In both illnesses the graph representing the spine organ will be at the 0-5% range and in a dark greyish colour. Normally it has been also documented in the root chakra also showing a dark dirty reddish colour. This may represent the level of progression of the illness.
Cancer or Leukemia
  • As there are various types of cancer, the Biopulsar cannot determine the type of cancer but it generally shows where the illness has manifested – in what parts of the body. The organs affected will be seen in the correlating graph being extremely low (0-5% range) as well the colours shown will either be in a deep dark murky red or dirty dark indigo.
Drugs or Anti-Depression Medication
  • If the body/mind is influenced by drugs or medications that affect the mind as well as the body, the majority of the graphs will then be influenced to show within a normal range. This will also be illustrated in the full aura body picture showing predominantly in the green and yellow colours. The aura picture of the subject will look almost too balanced (but the colours will be seen as duller than normal)and can be validated by asking the subject if they are on any forms of medication/drugs.
  • As there are many types of depression, depression can be seen in a few different ways on the Biopulsar. The first type of depression can be seen in the cerebrum at the bottom of the graph and represented by the colour grey. This form of depression is usually brought on by the subject's own negative thoughts regarding their ability to perform or current situations in their life. The second form of depression is more constant within the subject's mind and possibly relates more to a family gene influence and is part of their personality. The area affected would be the back brain and forehead and would be seen in the graphs as exceedingly high and colours above the head in the aura picture as a dark indigo. Also in many cases the depression has led to alcoholism or drug use. The last type of depression we have seen on the Biopulsar is more of an emotional imbalance, possibly relating to a bi-polar disorder. This is noticeably seen in the graphs but can also be seen in the aura picture in the colour above the head. Emotional imbalances of this kind are seen in the majority of brain parameters illustrated above the head in a dirty orange colour. If the energy is also low in the small intestines it generally validates emotional depression. High energy in small intestines normally indicates uncontrollable emotions such as uncontrollable crying.
  • Pancreas, heart, kidneys, eyes, liver, armpit and adrenals are normally shown at the top of the graph and the colour will be displayed as white; however, if the subject has been consuming too much sugar (sweets and fruit) and processed carbohydrates, this may also be illustrated in a similar same way.
Hysterectomy, or Absence of an Organ
  • Normally the absence of a body part has shown up in the graphs as extremely low or non-existent energy as well the aura will be displayed as a flat grey in the correlating body area.
Scar Tissue/Healing
  • In several cases it has been seen that where there had been a recent operation or other intense forms of healing (chemotherapy, sweatlodges, etc.) the subject's body parts that previously had shown up in the graph as exceptionally low energy and as a grey or darker red colours in the aura picture, afterwards showed in the same organ graphs as exceedingly high energy in the body part as well as the white colour in the picture's organ area.
  • Generally tumors have showed up in the graphs as extremely low energy and as a flat grey in the body area.

Sample Chakra Reference Chart Excerpt  [TOP]



Psychological Functions:

Survival Issues, Vitality, Reality, Grounding, Security, Support, Stability, Sexuality, Individuality, Courage, Impulsiveness

Associated Body Parts:

Spine (Chi, Life Force) Legs, Feet, Hips, Bones, Teeth, Large Intestines, Prostate, Bladder, Blood, Circulation, Tailbone

Possible Physical Dysfunctions:

Anemia, Fatigue, Obesity, Colds, Body Temperature, Bladder Infection, Hemorrhoids, Constipation, Rebuilds Blood Cells & Haemoglobin, Sciatic Pain, Numbness, Leukemia

Biopulsar Technology Supports Any Health Practice  [TOP]

Medical, Holistic and Preventative Health Practitioners, Acupuncturists, Homeopaths, Ayurvedic Doctors, Naturopaths, Dentists, Psychologists, Hypnotherapists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Nutritionalists, Bio-energetic Researchers, Biofeedback Training, Scientists, Psychiatrists, Paranormal Investigators, Mental Institutions, Hospitals, Cancer Clinics, Healing Centres,Research Institutes, and Drug and Rehabilitation Centres.

The list of integrative modalities is endless.



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