Competitor Comparison Chart

Biopulsar Features Aura Video Station Kirlian QXCI
Over 140
Measuring Stations

No Measuring

40 Virtual Channels via 16 electrical parameters

Indirect Meridian Testing




Pure Pulse Diagnosis




Dynamic Aura Presentation of the Whole Body Exclusive to the Biopulsar Exclusive to the Biopulsar Exclusive to the Biopulsar
Aura Zoom

Exclusive to the Biopulsar

Exclusive to the Biopulsar Exclusive to the Biopulsar
Chakra presentation with integrated mathematical analysis Exclusive to the Biopulsar Exclusive to the Biopulsar Exclusive to the Biopulsar
Reflex Zone Biofeedback of Complete Body via 50 Organs and Glands.

Not Available- Exclusive to the Biopulsar

Not Available- Exclusive to the Biopulsar Not Available- Exclusive to the Biopulsar
Simultaneous Measuring of 50 Hand Reflex Zones
in Real Time
Not Available- Exclusive to the Biopulsar Not Available- Exclusive to the Biopulsar Not Available- Exclusive to the Biopulsar
Automatic Record Function Exclusive to the Biopulsar Exclusive to the Biopulsar Exclusive to the Biopulsar
Detailed Colour Analysis of Organ &Aura Colour Enhanced Aura Photos Only Polaroid Pictures
Little colour variation
Not Available
Biopulsar Analyst Certification 3-Day Extensive Workshop Detailed Training Manual
On-going Education
No certification - User video, books and/or minimal training Kirlian Workshop and/or books Expensive certification process - Extensive training manual
Easy to Use -Supports a wide variety of therapies based on Biopulsar formats presented Limited features therefore can only be used for basic biofeedback Presented formats can only be read by trained user therefore limiting usages It is stated in their literature that it can take several years to become proficient

*Technical information was taken from various websites and may not necessarily represent all aura related equipment on the market. However, this comparison was done using all data available and known to Colour Energy Corporation.

Even Experts from Around the World Agree...  [TOP]

Many biofeedback experts, practitioners and biofield scientists agree that the Biopulsar-Reflexograph is the most advanced and accurate bioenergy system on the market today and surpasses the capabilities of all other biofield systems that exist. Since other systems use outdated technology the Biopulsar's state-of-the-art and futuristic technology is the preferred choice amongst practitioners and researchers. As well the Biopulsar can be used for its biofeedback of the vitality levels of the 50 organs and glands. The Biopulsar-Reflexograph uses the principle of biofeedback to show subconscious information (via 50 organs, aura, colour and chakra data) and displays it in real time. The Biopulsar program shows the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energetic states of a person through its different screen formats thereby passing current technologies that only show one or two aspects of a person's whole. These features is what makes the Biopulsar-Reflexograph the only true holistic biofeedback system on the market. "Energy Medicine" of the Future!

The most important feature of the Biopulsar system is that it shows the energetic conditions of the body's organs, which makes up the full body aura and chakra vitality. This allows for the Biopulsar practitioner to analysis their client's emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy levels with accuracy and confidence.

It is also our opinion that by using 50 reflex zones sensors the Biopulsar measures more dynamics, than any other aura system, which makes it the most progressive holistic energy technology on the market. With over 140 measuring stations, the Biopulsar-Reflexograph is by far the most accurate bioenergetic diagnostic device! And it is simple to use. No additional fees. As well the Biopulsar can be used with most IBM compatible computers.

For the in-depth Biopulsar-Reflexograph report, demonstration or more information contact:  Susanne Murphy, Colour Therapist & Biofield Specialist


Main Advantages To Purchasing the Biopulsar  [TOP]

When compared with other similar diagnostic devices in the therapeutic field, what are the main advantages of purchasing the Biopulsar?

  • The relationship between the price versus the comprehensive nature of the system's capabilities.
  • It is easy to operate, extremely accurate and efficient.
  • It bears no influence on the body's energy system compared to other systems such as high frequency machines (Kirlian) that can alter the meridian energy. Measurements from the terminal points of other units are often not sufficient or accurate on a diagnostic level; they take more time and are not convenient for the patient.
  • The multiple functions of the software and the presentation possibilities give a fast and detailed overview of the energy status of the organs in a scientific manner (no other system details a body colour analysis to this degree). In addition, the aura picture gives the ability for a biofield counsellor to understand their client's energy though the language of the colour qualities (their true "multi-dimensional personality) and this ultimately improves the communicative relationship between the therapist and patient.

See Technology Features for more in-depth reports of the Biopulsar-Reflexograph's capabilities!

Summary: Why Choose the Biopulsar-Reflexograph  [TOP]

There are several features that the Biopulsar-Reflexograph has that no other holistic technology implements. It is important to consider the medical/scientific/holistic background of the developers, the sciences the technology is based upon, the handplate/sensor board capabilities and the training and support that is available.

The Biopulsar sensors reads 50 reflex zones simultaneously therefore giving an accurate organ and meridian diagnosis. It is important to obtain a reading from several meridian points at the exact same time. Otherwise, if a reading is only taken from one point there is the chance that other reflex zones will be manipulated. Since each meridian interconnects to several body parts, a stimulation of any point along a meridian's line will not only affect the named internal organ but also the associated organs that developed with that organ embryologically. As well many systems that read meridian points are only able to analyze one point at a time therefore diagnosis takes a long period of time to complete. The Biopulsar takes only minutes to complete an analysis of 45 organs! (Why spend extra time when you can get a complete and accurate patient's health report in minutes? Also your staff can be trained to print the reports allowing you to spend more quality time with your clients. As well there is no need to send your patients elsewhere for costly tests.)

Over 50- reflex zones measured (most other biofeedback technology systems work with considerably less measuring points therefore they are unable to analyze the body's health on an instant or in-depth level. Also the Biopulsar is the only biofield system that details specific physical body parts thereby allowing the applications of measuring data to be used for accurate diagnostic testing. The Biopulsar's specialized features also include accurate colour and chakra formats allowing you to access bioenergetic information – making the body and mind connection!

The Biopulsar was developed and tested by an Ayurvedic doctor, medical intuitives and other alternative practitioners. The Biopulsar technology incorporates several proven sciences such as biofeedback, neuroscience, reflexology, kinesiology, palmistry and body and colour languages to name a few, making it the most advanced bioenergetics technology in the world! The Biopulsar was primarily developed as a tool that could be used by any type of practitioner interested in integrating an accurate, detailed and unbiased energy diagnostic system into their holistic practice.

Our in-depth Biopulsar-Reflexograph training covers the anatomy of the human electromagnetic energy field, which is to be used for holistic counselling. Our training program focuses on preventative health care medicine and surpasses any training program currently offered by other biofield technology manufacturers (most competitors offer basic equipment training, videos or simple aura publications. Our intensive training program is a collaboration of research, experiences and includes training material from the International Aura school program as well as from the International Colour Energy Education Systems. The Biopulsar training covers such topics as:

  • The seven levels of colour/chakra intelligence
  • Colours of the human psychology
  • The correlation of the biofield to our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being
  • Organ language and the connection to colour
  • How we can change the biofield and improve our health
  • Colour, aura, chakra and organ energy analysis
  • Review numerous examples of colour pictures displaying a full range of energetic states including observed energetic dis-ease patterns
  • Customizing the interpretive text boxes
  • Research and development
  • Creating a healing plan with your client
  • How to best utilize the Biopulsar in your practice/business

Currently, we are unaware of any other biofield technology that provides as detailed training as the Biopulsar's to ensure the technology is understood. Our comprehensive training is "hands-on" experiential.

Excellent on-going support services. Currently, Colour Energy Corporation (CEC) sends out a newsletter at least twice a year updating owners on research, products, services and any other news related to the science of the biofield. As well, CEC provides 24 hour technical support via our toll free line. We encourage Biopulsar/Aurastar users to support the on-going study of the electromagnetic field by sharing their research so the development of the technology can be studied, validated and used by all owners for the growth and understanding of the anatomy of the human energy field. CEC promises to be a leader in the research of colour, chakras and electromagnetic energy in relation to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dynamics of the human race. (Currently, the manufacturer, distributor and owners are conducting research and clinical case studies.)

Subjective Feelings of Illness Can Now be Proven Using the Biopulsar Technology.  Currently, two-thirds of the German population do not feel healthy and they complain about symptoms such as sleep disorders, irritability, indisposition, exhaustion, weather changes, headaches, dizziness, higher susceptibility to infections and backache. Only a fraction of the patients can be diagnosed using Western methods. As well, half of the population feels that medicine is not helping and that they are very often being misdiagnosed or treated incorrectly.

X-rays cannot show this symptoms; however, the Biopulsar has the ability to see these symptoms in the reflex zone analysis or in the colour attributes.

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph was tested in comparable studies with skin resistance terminal points measurements (EAV = Electro-acupuncture according to Voll) proving a close connection between the energy of the reflex zones and the meridian system.

The following functions can be influenced using Biopulsar biofeedback: 

  • Blood pressure
  • Heartbeat/ frequency
  • Muscle Activity
  • Breathing patterns
  • Diameter of blood vessels
  • Peripheral condition
  • Sweat gland activity (autonomous arousal, fear, etc.)
  • Skin & body temperatures
  • Electro-physiological processes of the brain, etc.

The Importance of an Aura Picture in Modern Practice:

The Biopulsar dynamic aura pictures is not just a graphic animation (as illustrated on most other aura systems) but the picture corresponds to over 90% of the real, subjective perceptible biofield of the human energetic system. If the aura biofeedback system does not reference body parts to the aura energy then the analysis is not true to the actual perceived body aura but rather a system analyzing mood or temperature readings based on undisclosed perimeters. The Biopulsar does not produce poor quality Polaroid photos nor enhance a picture's colours. The Biopulsar replicates one's aura according to the actual body's vitality! This is very important in holistic practice as in many cultures one's aura is also recognized as one's life history as well as one's emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Therefore, it is extremely important that the reading apparatus displays precision information on a colour's location. This feature is only available on the Biopulsar-Reflexograph!

The Biopulsar system has more sensors and measuring stations than any other aura system and most biofeedback devices and is not just a mood reactor based on just a few unknown measuring points. Rather the Biopulsar's technology is based on known reflex zones that correlate to the meridian system and body parts (and includes 8 brain parameters). Ideal for accurate and in-depth biofeedback training and aura, chakra and organ vitality readings. Other manufacturers say that "they take all information into account" but they do not disclose nor can they prove how they derive their findings. As well how can less than 20 sensors illustrate a full body aura, a chakra's vitality or dictate a person's "whole" being (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually)? It is known that chakras govern organ activity so the more body parts that are scanned then the more accurate the chakra analysis will be. Also if information read is only taken from a few points via the meridian system then only a generalization of one's health and a standard conventional treatment can be recommended.The Biopulsar offers an in-depth body analysis that surpasses all other systems on the market, thereby allowing for an accurate diagnosis of one's health for concise treatment recommendations.

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph does not make diagnostic claims but rather redefines information that can be used by various therapists and practitioners for accurate mind, body and spirit analysis. When deciding on an "Aura" biofeedback system, choose the "real deal" – Biopulsar-Reflexograph – the most advanced and refined biofield system on the market!

Note: The Biopulsar-Reflexograph has over 140 measuring stations (no other aura technology has as many stations ) and therefore uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and complex bio data displays for achieving accurate organ vitality as well as aura and chakra measurements. This means each organ, aura and chakra percentage can be displayed to a vitality precision. To our knowledge all other biofield systems are basing their so-called aura and chakra analysis on few measuring poles with little connection to the body. The Biopulsar relies on several measuring points to determine an organ's vitality reading, which means the accuracy of the body part is not influenced by the hand size. Rather the Biopulsar technology is based on reflex zones and many other proven scientific factors. (Read the Biopulsar's Introduction or Technology Development information for a more detailed description of the technology's development and capabilities.)

Instant biofeedback of 50 organs and glands – Use as a tool to diagnose and observe the response of the body dynamics!

Aura & Chakra Analysis – Immediate information on the chi energy flow in the body!

Complements any practice – Potential is unlimited!

Overview  [TOP]

  • Biopulsar-Reflexograph – State of the art technology and the latest in energetic diagnostic systems.
  • The Biopulsar system has more sensors and measuring stations than any other aura system and most biofeedback devices, ensuring accuracy in data read.
  • Specific organ analysis and presentation unique to the Biopulsar-Reflexograph. Reads 50 reflex zones thereby giving an instant and complete patient health report.
  • Less expensive yet more detailed than most diagnostic biofeedback systems.
  • Simple and fast to use. No waiting for results.
  • Patient health profiles can be conducted at your office by your staff reducing or totally eliminating outside lab costs and specialty examination fees, thereby increasing your practice profits.
  • Precision aura pictures corresponding to over 90% of the real subjective perceptible biofield of the human energetic system.
  • Unprecedented and explicit organ, colour and chakra biofeedback.
  • Most devices are generalized and unable to provide multi-dimensional and holistic approach into one's health like the Biopulsar technology can.
  • The Biopulsar displays real-time feedback that leads to instant solutions by offering the fastest and most accurate way of understanding "cause and effect" and ultimately the "cure."
  • Scientific, holistic and unbiased formats revealing a variety of perspectives into a clients make-up.
  • Proves the mind/body connection as well as spiritual aspects for in-depth counselling through several biofeedback capabilities exclusive to only the Biopulsar technology!
  • Preventative medicine – Shows energetic weaknesses before they manifest into physical, mental or emotional symptoms.
  • On-going support via telephone and regular email updates. Also 24 hour toll free technical support line provided throughout North America.
  • X-rays and other diagnostic systems are unable to show more than just physical symptoms.
  • However, the Biopulsar has the ability to see these symptoms in the reflex zone analysis or in the colour attributes. The Biopulsar can pinpoint underlying areas of concern that would normally be missed by standard methods of testing offering the practitioner an integrated Eastern and Western approach.
  • The Biopulsar biofeedback capabilities allow you to view your client's body and mind responses to thoughts and remedies (such as foods, nutritional supplements, medicine, colour, etc.) for a complete analysis.
  • Lastly, the Biopulsar-Reflexograph establishes you as specialist in the area of bioenergetics givingyour clients a complete health analysis of their mind, body & spirit for self-improvement and to keep them on the track of becoming or staying well (preventative medicine)!

The Leader of New Energy Technology

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® not only expands your energy diagnostic capabilities allowing you to identify a wider range of existing and potential conditions, it also improves patient communication, comprehension and case acceptance.