Features, Advantages & Benefits (FAB) Chart   [TOP]

Features Advantages Benefits

State of the Art Technology

No other aura technology on the market is as advanced in its capabilities.

Several years ahead of any other energy diagnostic system.

Over 140 Measuring Stations

Accuracy in ability to analyze full body aura and chakra analysis.

Repeatability of Vitality Measurements.

Indirect Meridian Testing

The only system on the market that measures 49 organs via the reflex zones.

Exclusive only to the Biopulsar.

Pure Pulse Diagnosis

Can be used by licensed professionals and therapists wanting a tool to analyze organ vitality levels.

Instant view of 50 organs (body parts) and their energy levels.

Dynamic Aura Presentation of the Whole Body

Accurate biofield data. Designed by an Ayurvedic practitioner, verified by Clairvoyant people and also validated through various studies.

In-depth colour analysis of one's whole system allowing the user to access information of the body, mind & spirit.

Aura Zoom

Allows the practitioner to see exact colour analysis in organ or chakra area for precise vitality reading.

Unique to the Biopulsar Technology.

Chakra presentation with integrated mathematical analysis

Compiles data from correlating organs governed by certain chakra centres for in-depth chakra (organ) analysis.

No other system can evaluate actual chakra vitality like the Biopulsar is able to.

Reflex Zone Biofeedback of Complete Body via 50 Organs

Other systems give generalized reports on data read including possible symptoms, remedies and treatments; whereas, the Biopulsar can be used to gain deeper insight into the body and mind connection.

Ideal for: Remedy & Product Testing, Pulse Diagnosis (TMC, Ayurvedic, etc.), Aura and Mental as well as Holistic and Psychological Counselling, and Control Therapy to name a few applications.

Simultaneous Measuring of 50 Hand Reflex Zones in Real Time

All the sensors are measured at the same time and in real time (500ms) thereby reducing errors.

Ideal for accurate meridian & pulse diagnostics and in-depth biofeedback analysis.

Record and Replay Function

Documents all parameters read including: aura, chakra & organ analysis.

Ability to record client's progress over a period of time.

Colour Energy Aura Counselling Certification

No generic reports! In fact, no other aura technology offers such detailed training of the aura and chakras.

All owners are professionally educated and certified by a true Colour Energy expert!

On-Going Education

Continual workshops offering the latest information from specialists in the field of Bioenergetics.

Assist you to be the biofeild expert in your area!

Additional Assistant Software Programs

Allows you to advance your knowledge into various fields.

Helps you to increase your profits with new services/treatments.

Support Hotline

Staffed by a Colour, Chakra &Aura Expert and Educator

Ask the energy specialist and a seasoned system user.


Operates from a laptop and fits into a carrying case.

Compact and easy to take anywhere!

Easy to Operate

Suitable for all levels of users.

Can be operated by staff.

Preventative Medicine

Help clients improve their energy weaknesses before they manifest into a physical symptoms.

Energy imbalances can be easily
seen on the Biopulsar. Helps in preventing illness.


Operates in Windows format.

Immediate effective use.

No additional service fees

No hidden costs.

All profits are yours!


Less expensive than most other diagnostic and biofeedback systems.

Payback fast and easy.

More Biopulsar Features & Benefits   [TOP]

New Energy Technology:

  • Unique state of the art reliable bioenergetic tool that combines both Eastern and Western knowledge making it the only integrative holistic tool on the market today!
  • Most accurate bioenergetic system... showing 90% of the true electromagnetic field.


  • Both practitioner and client can visually see the information displayed on the screen. The client can now see her/his energy, which is part of her/his healing... giving the client a part in her/his healing. Excellent to show before and after energetic responses of both organ and biofield. The client can also validate the energy reading.

Accurate Organ Analysis:

  • Excellent for research into repeatability for investigating energy patterns.
  • No x-rays or expensive testing.

Inexpensive & Extensive Technology:

  • Most other aura technology systems comparatively cost more money (for less features) and have little or no psycho-analysis or diagnostic capabilities. Also there are no additional hidden fees.

Easy to Use:

  • The Biopulsar takes only minutes to get an accurate reading from the electromagnetic energy of 50 organs and glands. No waiting, easy to record features and prints instantly. Staff can be easily trained to operate the system.

Pays for Itself:

  • The Biopulsar is simple to use therefore staff can learn to record and print out the full body aura pictures, graphs and/or reports.
  • The Biopulsar integrates several points of view saving you time and money on lengthy specialized training courses or outside services.

Specialize Your Services:

  • The Biopulsar projects a professional scientific and accurate image of the real electromagnetic field and with the colour, chakra and organ formats will generate interest in even the most medical or scientific minds. Learn to be the expert in several sciences and become the only bioenergetics specialist in your area!!!

Increase Your Business:
The Biopulsar-Reflexograph helps to...

  • Increase your business by adding to the services you currently offer your clients.
  • Generate repeat business by strengthening your clients loyalty to you. People are looking and spending more money to receive complementary health care. The Biopulsar allows you to offer your clients a complete holistic program (thereby reducing the risk that they may go elsewhere for these services!).
  • Sell more products and treatments through proven remedy testing.
  • Save costs by not having to pay additional fees to specialists or outside

Call for more details on how you can use the Biopulsar-Reflexograph technology in your health practice and increase your company’s profile and profitability!

How Accurate is the Biopulsar-Reflexograph®   [TOP]

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® system has 143 measuring stations and reads data simultaneously from over 50 reflex zones. Since the Biopulsar reads so many parameters exactly at the same time, it reduces the chance of errors, inconsistencies or other variables in comparison to systems that read less than 20 points (single point probe units) or via measuring wrist, head or ankle bands. The Biopulsar’s accumulated data expresses information of proven reflex zones and is not based single point analysis. In this way an accurate energy analysis of various organs, chakras and the full body aura, can be made. Most other biofield technology manufacturers do not share how they achieve their data. As well single point probe machines are known to influence the results because when the measuring device is applied to one reflex point it can trigger an energetic response along its correlating meridian system thus affecting the whole and an accurate diagnosis. Therefore single probe organ diagnosis is less likely to be accurate. Similarly, devices that read via only the meridian system with no specific body correlation, cannot precisely diagnose an organ’s vitality. Lastly, systems that create an image by inflicting (even a low voltage) electromagnetic charge can also influence the energy reading of the body.

Decades of aura research in combination with Eastern and Western sciences and ideologies, practitioners and clairvoyants feedback as well as subjective comparison testing using other equipment and methods, are all means that helped to create the precision of the Biopulsar-Reflexograph technology.

The Biopulsar’s chakra and aura analysis has been refined to a 90% accuracy of the total physical biofield (Aura). No other "so called" aura or biofeedback technology can boost this accuracy rate. For example, any biofield system can show the green colour in one’s aura picture. But can it also show what body part is actually reflecting the green energy or can it convey the colour’s vibrancy and meaning? The Biopulsar does all this and more!!! Also since the vitality readings are incredibly refined licensed practitioners can use the technology for diagnostic purposes and bioenergetics study and research.

*Note: Amount of hand pressure on the Biopulsar’s handplate does not influence accuracy of readings.

Why Choose the Biopulsar Biofeedback System?   [TOP]

Several Aurastar 2000®/Biopulsar-Reflexograph® owners were asked why they purchased the Aurastar/Biopulsar technology over other "Aura" and biofeedback systems. The main reason given was the Aurastar/Biopulsar’s accuracy of information read. Since the aura is in part the reflection of energy our body emits, then a true aura representation needs to include as much physical information as possible and should not be subjected to or influenced by other variables. The Aurastar/Biopulsar technology accumulates data from the hand reflex zones that are interconnected to 50 body organs and glands. The more viable measuring stations the greater the accuracy. Also the Aurastar/Biopulsar incorporates both Eastern and Western philosophies; whereas, other "aura technology" and biofeedback manufacturers often have little or no background in holistic and alternative studies. Therefore their devices can only rely on generic printouts to compensate for their system’s lack of accurate aura, chakra and organ analysis. Those who purchase the Biopulsar technology are serious professionals wanting to offer their clients personalized services and who do not need to rely solely on text printouts.

There are several features that the Biopulsar has that no other medical, holistic or aura technology implements. It is important to consider the medical/scientific/holistic background of the developers, the sciences the technology is based upon, the handplate/sensor board capabilities and the training and support that is available.

  1. The Biopulsar sensors reads 50 organs (body parts) simultaneously therefore giving an accurate meridian diagnosis. It is important to obtain a reading from several meridian points at the exact same time. Otherwise, if a reading is only taken from one point there is the chance that other reflex zones will be manipulated. Since each meridian interconnects to several body parts, a stimulation of any point along a meridian’s line will not only affect the named internal organ but also the associated organs that developed with that organ embryologically. As well many systems that read meridian points are only able to analyze one point at a time therefore diagnosis takes a long period of time to complete. The Biopulsar takes only minutes to complete the analysis of 50 organs and glands! (Why spend extra time when you can get a complete and accurate patient’s health report in minutes? Also your staff can be trained to print the reports allowing you to spend more quality time with your clients.)

  2. 50 reflex points measured (most biofeedback technology systems read considerably less points therefore they are unable to analyze the body’s health on an instant or in-depth level. Also the Biopulsar is the only biofield system that details specific physical body parts thereby allowing the applications of measuring data to be used for accurate diagnostic testing. The Biopulsar’s specialized features also include accurate colour and chakra formats allowing you to access bioenergetic information–making the body and mind connection!

  3. The Biopulsar was developed and tested by an Ayurvedic doctor, medical intuitives and other alternative practitioners. The Biopulsar technology incorporates several proven sciences such as biofeedback, neuroscience, reflexology, kinesiology, palmistry and body and colour languages to name a few, making it the most advanced bioenergetics technology in the world! The Biopulsar was primarily developed as a tool that could be used by any type of practitioner interested in integrating an accurate, detailed and unbiased energy diagnostic system into their holistic practice.

  4. Our in-depth biofield training covers the anatomy of the human electromagnetic energy field, which is to be used for holistic counselling. Our training program focuses on preventative health care medicine and surpasses any training program currently offered by other biofield technology manufacturers (most competitors offer basic equipment training, videos or simple aura publications. Our intensive training program is a collaboration of research, experiences and includes training material from the International Aura school program as well as from the International Colour Energy Education Systems. The Biopulsar training covers such topics as:
    • The seven levels of colour/chakra intelligence
    • Colours of the human psychology
    • The correlation of the biofield to our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being
    • Organ language and the connection to colour
    • How we can change the biofield and improve our health
    • Colour, aura, chakra and organ energy analysis
    • Review numerous examples of colour pictures displaying a full range of energetic states including observed energetic dis-ease patterns
    • Customizing the interpretive text boxes
    • Research and development
    • Creating a healing plan with your client
    • How to best utilize the Biopulsar in your practice/business
  • Currently, we are unaware of any other biofield technology that provides as detailed training as the Biopulsar’s to ensure the technology is understood. Our comprehensive training is "hands-on" experiential.

  • Excellent on-going support services. Currently, Colour Energy sends out a newsletter at least twice a year updating owners on research, products, services and any other news related to the science of the biofield. As well, Colour Energy provides technical support via our toll free line. We encourage Biopulsar/Aurastar users to support the on-going study of the electromagnetic field by sharing their research so the development of the technology can be studied, validated and used by all owners for the growth and understanding of the anatomy of the human energy field. Colour Energy promises to continue being a leader in the research of colour, the chakra system and electromagnetic energy in relation to the physical, emotional, mental and physical dynamics of the human race.

The constitution and the temperament of a person is determined through the relation of the bodyâs five cosmic elements. If the elements are not in balance, then physical and psychical illnesses can develop.

The biofeedback graphs correspond to the pulse wave of an organ, which are produced by the predominant life energy (chi). In the swinging and amplitude of the biofeedback graph the activity of the elements are revealed.

Does the Biopulsar Print off Reports?    [TOP]

Some biofeedback systems boost 20 page printouts or "mood" graphs, factitious charts and generic reports but no other biofield manufacturer or distributor offers an Aura Counsellor training supported by Germany’s first Aura school and endorsed by the international colour therapy experts, Colour Energy Corporation. The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® training program includes 3 days of intensive practice (see Biopulsar’s course description for the in-depth training program outline) versus the competitor’s training, which normally includes only books and videos. The Biopulsar workshop teaches you to do a thorough aura consultation and biofield analysis without the use of unnecessary generalized text printouts. We feel that individualized Biopulsar consultations will help to give your clients a greater understanding of their overall vitality. However, the Biopulsar-Reflexograph system does allow you to print out your own support material or existing Biopulsar preprogrammed text. Biopulsar training material includes colour, chakra and body language information that can be inputted into the text printout mode. Additional professional therapy assistant software programs are now available.

Business Opportunities   [TOP]

Practitioners Receive Great Return on Investment!

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® offers many opportunities to expand or complement your existing business or practice. As a Biopulsar-Reflexograph practitioner you will be able to offer your patients various types of services:

  • Instant Chakra Analysis
  • Aura Consultations (Mind, Body &Spirit)
  • Overall Health Diagnosis
  • Biofeedback Therapy
  • Remedy Testing (before and after readings)

Sample Monthly Profit Calculation

This chart provides an overview of income possibilities.

Clients Service Fee Total
40 Basic Biofield Consultation.
30 minute session for $45. 
Includes aura & chakra analysis interpretation.
$45.00 $1,800.00
20 Full Body Energy Analysis with Biofield Consultation 60 minute session for $80.  Includes aura, chakra & basic graph analysis and interpretation. $80.00 $1,600.00
10 Complete Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness Consultation 90 minute session for $120.  Includes 60 minute consultation and biofeedback. $120.00 $1,200.00
Monthly Income = $4,600.00*

*Note: Monthly income does not include additional revenues that can be generated by increasing products sales or enhancing other services offered.

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® not only expands your energy analysis capabilities, allowing you to identify a wider range of existing and potential conditions, it also helps to improve patient communication, comprehension and case acceptance.

Speak to a Biopulsar-Reflexograph® expert to learn more about how you can use this amazing technology in your business or practice today.