Biopulsar Package Includes:

  • 1 Biopulsar Gold Plated Hand Sensor Board
  • 1 Biopulsar Software CD for PC
  • 1 Hardcover Carrying Case for the Hand Sensor
  • 1 Biopulsar Technical Manual
  • 1 Biopulsar Aura Picture Interpretation Guide
  • 2 Years Parts and Labour Warranty
  • USB Cable
  • Technical Support Line (Toll Free Number)
  • Optinal three day training course available. In-house training and/or group rates are also available upon request. Biopulsar training includes additional workbook, course handouts and and colour therapeutic tools. CEC also offers advanced practitioner courses and a Colour Therapy home study program.

Note: Computer and printer are not included. See System Requirments.

Additional Biopulsar components are now available, including a right hand sensor board (ideal for left/right brain diagnosis, comparison and therapy), Chromalive Colour Therapy software, Chromalive Colour Therapy Penlight set and Assistant Therapy software.

Contact us for our Biopulsar package and module pricing information.

System Requirements

A Personal computer (not included) is required to operate the Biopulsar. The system is not Mac compatible. We recommend the following PC configuration as the minimum requirements to ensure proper operation of the Biopulsar:

  • 128 MB Ram or higher
  • Pentium 266 MH or higher
  • CD Rom
  • 14MB or more free space on hard drive
  • Windows 95/98, ME, 2000, XP & Vista
  • Colour TFT - Screen 600 x 800
  • Colour Printer

Note: Lease options and complete packages with laptop and printer are available upon request.

System Information

The Biopulsar operates equally well with a desktop or a laptop. The selection should be based on your personal preference as well as the portability required in your use of the Biopulsar. Specific equipment has been tested with the Biopulsar system and found to be most compatible. Although we do not endorse any specific manufacturer or receive compensation for recommending specific equipment, we have found through testing various products that certain items provide the best results when operating the Biopulsar. Use of these specific products also facilitates troubleshooting through our office should you experience any difficulties.

We would be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right computer system for your specific needs. Should you have any questions regarding the Biopulsar system, please contact a Biopulsar Representative:

Colour Energy Corporation
#116 – 408 East Kent Avenue South
Vancouver, BC, V5X 2X7
Tel: 604.687.3757
Fax: 604.687.3758

Toll Free (800) 225-1226.