Technical Data

  • CE-Certified Medical Diagnostic Device
  • Gold Plated Sensors for Optimum reading capabilities
  • 143 Measuring Stations
  • Measurements take place at the reflex zones of the palm
  • Permanent and Simultaneous Measuring of 49 Hand Reflex Zones
  • Dynamic Biofield Presentation of the Whole Body (Verified by Medical Intuitives) and Zoom capabilities
  • Chakra Presentation with Integrated Mathematical Analysis Program
  • Reflex Zone Biofeedback of Complete Body via 50 Organs and Glands
  • Indirect Meridian Testing Capabilities
  • Pure Pulse Diagnosis (Ideal for TCM, Ayurveda practitioners)
  • Record and Replay Functions
  • Text Analysis Program for Organs and Chakra (The texts are written by the user, with automatic allocation)
  • Scanning Function of Pictures from Digital Camera
  • Individual Time and Measuring Function (I.E. all 500 ms data is being measured from the sensor)

    Note: Choose from additional hardware and software components that are now available.